More and more customers are no longer satisfied with what they find on the market in terms of swimming pools. As long as you spend a lot of money, why not select the components of your future bathing place so that it is perfectly aligned with your budget and your needs? Made-to-measure has many advantages and allows you to adapt your pool to your situation. So you can customize:

1- The shape of your pool: round, square, rectangular or atypical, nothing is impossible, provided of course that you respect the constraints of your land. You can therefore leave the traditional rectangle, or on the contrary opt for this shape, according to your preference.

2- Its dimensions: play on the depth and width of the pool according to your needs (families will probably prefer a less pronounced slope to take advantage of the entire surface, as well as a large pool), or opt for a mini pool. Adapt your pool to the place where you want to install it.

3- Its appearance: choose the patterns of your canvas and the materials used (concrete, steel, wood, stainless steel, etc.), place your stairs and sidewalks as you wish or even install lighting around the perimeter or directly inside the the swimming pool.

4- Its equipment: take your reality into account. Do you have young children? Install a romper entryway or opt for a built-in bench. On the contrary, do you want a fashionable pool that goes well with your “BBQ and party” lifestyle? Think of an entrance to the beach with 6 or 7 inches of water, an integrated spa or even a fountain…

In short, anything is possible. Let your imagination run wild and entrust your dream to our professionals, who will help you create the perfect pool for you!