Fiberglass pool installation by Piscine Martin Banville

Mova Fiberglass Pool Technology

Mova fiberglass pools are made of superior quality materials and are manufactured in Quebec using an innovative process that delivers the best value for money on the market. Their uniform high-gloss finish is also soft to the touch, non-porous and very easy to clean.

The Most Durable Pool on the Market

The monohulled structure of Mova pools is made of composite materials reinforced with fiberglass and vinyl ester.

Increased Resistance…

  • to bending and cracking

  • to impact and temperature changes

  • to stress during the installation process

  • to water penetration

Superior Insulation

Mova pool walls are reinforced with 1.5 inch polyurethane foam as well as type 4 extruded polystyrene, which makes them more energy efficient than steel or concrete pools.

The advantages of polyurethane foam

  • Ideal weather stripping for cutting thermal bridges

  • Resistant to mould

  • Does not flatten, crumble or break down in the sun

  • Highest thermal resistance on the market (R-6 to R-7 per inch.)

24 h Installation

Treat Yourself to the
Pool of Your Dreams!