Fiberglass pool installation by Piscine Martin Banville

Has Your In-Ground Pool Seen Better Days? Are There Signs of Wear and Tear?

In-ground pool renovation is a simple way to make your backyard’s star attraction look as good as new. Several pieces of equipment can be repaired or replaced to extend the life of your investment.

Pool Repair

Do you want to change the look of your pool and make it more modern by adding steps or replacing the walkways? And why not add lighting or replace the liner? Make an appointment with our experts to get sound advice and a project quotation.

Pool Repairs

Think You’ve Got a Water Leak?

Water leaks from a pool can be caused by damage or wear in the underground pipes and can be detected using specialized equipment. If the leak comes from the pool (liner, drain, steps, lighting), we will carry out tests to locate the source of the problem and propose the appropriate repairs.

Pool Repairs

Pool Demolition

If your pool is too damaged to be renovated, we can demolish or dismantle it. We comply with all municipal regulations and our work is first-class.

Guaranteed Work

Service Offered in Laval
and on the North Shore

Fiberglass pool installation by Piscine Martin Banville

Pool Equipment Repair

You can always count on our pool specialists for your repair projects.

We repair the following equipment:

  • Pool liners

  • Sand filters and cartridge filters

  • Fibreglass steps

  • Pumps

  • Heat pumps

  • Skimmers

  • Backwash lines