Fiberglass pool installation by Piscine Martin Banville

Why Replace Your
In-ground Pool Liner?

Why Replace Your In-ground Pool Liner?

Even though a pool liner can last for several years, you should take time to check it each spring to ensure it’s in good condition. Replacing your liner is more cost-effective than having to repair damage to your pool caused by a deteriorated or leaking liner. It also goes without saying that you don’t want to miss out on precious pool days in the middle of summer.

Why Can You Trust our Team
to Replace Your Pool Liner?

All the liners that we install are made of 100% pure, premium quality vinyl. The seams of your liner are welded using high-frequency waves for exceptional durability. This manufacturing process strengthens the liner’s seams.

Our experts have installed close to 4,000 in-ground pool liners

We don’t deal with subcontractors

Our technicians are trained in industry best practices

Our work is guaranteed

Guaranteed Work

Service Offered in Laval
and on the North Shore


Installation of Your Pool Liner in 2 Days

Here are the steps we take when replacing your in-ground pool liner.

1- An estimate is prepared by one of our professionals.
2- Exact measurements are taken for the new liner.
3- The liner is made to measure. 

4- The pool is emptied.
5- Surfaces are cleaned with water and/or using a vacuum to remove every last bit of debris from the pool walls and bottom.
6- Tape is applied to all the panel joints.
7- New sealing joints are installed on the skimmer, backwash line and bottom drain.
8- Your new liner is installed.
9- A vacuum is placed under the liner to remove air and ensure the liner is perfectly positioned.
10- The pool is filled. 

11- The vacuum is removed.
12- PVC frames are installed on the skimmer, backwash line and bottom drain and we cut the liner to fit these areas.
13- Lights are installed.
14- A liner lock is installed (if required).