Choose your new in-ground pool liner from over 100 designs in a variety of colours and styles. All our pool liners are custom-made using software designed in Quebec or Canada for this purpose.

Enjoy your pool longer thanks to a heat pump. We are a distributor of THERMEAU® equipment. This Quebec company manufactures reliable, durable and energy-efficient pool heaters. THERMEAU® offers the most efficient and economical pool heat pumps that will maintain the water in your pool at a constant temperature, day and night.

When we choose pool equipment, we make sure it delivers the highest quality and performance. The pool pumps that we distribute are ultra energy-efficient, quiet and easy to maintain. Made from innovative materials, they’re also very durable.

With a salt chlorinator, you won’t have to worry about adding chlorine to your pool. The system uses electrolysis to chlorinate the water, based on your pool’s needs.