Pool Opening Service

We use only the best products so we can open your pool quickly and properly. Our opening kit mixes are custom-made to match your pool’s needs and ensure you have crystal clear water in a timely manner.

Our basic in-ground pool opening service includes:

  • Installation of detachable equipment, ladders, lights and bulbs

  • Storage of leaf nets and winter covers (if required)

  • Styrofoam removal

  • Water treatment kit

Pool Closing Service

Protect your pool from cold, frost and snow by calling on professionals to close and winterize your in-ground pool. Our specialized equipment leaves plumbing and ducts empty and dry, which protects them from freezing. Our pool closing service is suitable for all types of in-ground pools.

Our basic in-ground pool closing service includes:

  • Closing/winterizing kit including all necessary products

  • Water level adjustment

  • Removal of detachable equipment (ladders, etc.)

  • Pump, heater, filter and pipe drainage using specialized equipment

  • Antifreeze for the bottom drain

We also offer additional extras:

  • Winter cover or net

  • Salt cell cleaning

Guaranteed Work

Service Offered in Laval
and on the North Shore